Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Australian Outback: The Last Frontier

The air is fierce and enjoyably biting, the dust is alive under the wheels of your 4WD, and the vista of beautiful, untamed nature shrieks on your face. Welcome to Australia's outback. Here, at the Back of Beyond. The limitless frontier. The other extreme of Australia, untouched by skycrapers and city lights. This is the amazing outback, where the sky is wild, the grasses breakdance in a fever, kangaroos hop in wild abandon, and the ground fizzles like a magic carpet.

Pardon the poetic license. But to explore the Australian outback is to involve yourself in poetry. And there is no other way to take it all in but with awe. It's a communion with nature, it's a plunge into freedom.

Pay homage to the Australian bustard, the emus, and camels, and other beasts in their own mecca. At sunset, watch mountain rocks glow like coal, and then smell the secrets of the eucalyptus trees. At nighttime, plop on the grass with your safari-mates, listen to the crackling of the campfire, and sleep under the ballad of the stars. Dust storms, desert winds, mudtraps, and all kinds of danger lurk, but they're all worth it. The Australian outback is vast but it is never lonely.

So what are you waiting for? We dare you to charge your way into the outback. Let the planet tell you its tale firsthand. And carve your own tracks in this unknown territory like a true, fearless aborigine.

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