Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Things You'd Be Celebrating When You Travel Australia

It's not a secret anymore that Australia is a hodgepodge of countries and culture. Blame it on the inviting and alluring appeal of the Land Down Under, or blame it even on the very democratic Australian visa system. Whatever it is, Australia enjoys a rich tapestry of culture and breathtaking kaleidoscope of people from all walks of life. Australia is indeed a sweet melting pot, and this is especially evident during festivals and holidays. In fact, even if you travel Australia entirely, you'd be surprised that a year isn't enough for you to participate in everything. In Australia, the whole year round is peppered with colorful festivals and frenzied celebrations that each country has brought along with them.

The Chinese New Year, for one, is a fiery explosion of bursting dragons and dancing fireworks, whereas Laotian Buddhists celebrate amidst a shower of flowers and restless gongs. Even the Greeks and the Brits have their own awesome festivals to share, and for that matter, every other nation that travel Australia and settle there makes Australia one bit more colorful than it already is with their smörgåsbord festivities.

Of course, Australia too has its own distinct gamut of festivals, from the artistic (like the Adelaide Festival of Arts or the Garma Festival of Traditional Cultures), to something as petty as brick-throwing contests, which just goes to show that Aussies are the most fun-loving, outdoorsy people there ever was. For the Australian flavor of the Mardi Gras, there's even Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras every February, flocked by tourist from all over the world.

Even when the calendar isn't busy and bustling with festivals and parties, you'll find out soon enough that to travel Australia is to lose track of time and to plunge into the world.

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